Shared folders are a great way to quickly share credentials and notes between team members. With LastPass Teams, you can create and share an unlimited number of folders, and an unlimited number of users can be added to each folder. This offers a convenient, secure way to share access to certain accounts; everyone will be able to login to the accounts they need to do their job.

Changes to the shared folder are synced automatically to everyone with whom the folder has been shared. So if someone leaves the team, or there’s a security incident on a website your team uses, the password can be changed behind-the-scenes and everyone in the shared folder will have the latest password, no action required on their part.

The shared folders tab in your admin dashboard shows all of the shared folders in your Teams account, including how many items are in each folder and how many users can access each folder. Shared folders can be set up with different permissions and access settings for each user or group of users. Different access controls – such as ‘Hide Passwords’ – can also be set on a person-by-person basis or in the form of policies. This ensures that everyone on the folder has the appropriate level of permissions based on their role.

Shared folders use the same technology to encrypt and decrypt data that a regular LastPass account uses, but are designed to accommodate multiple users for the same folder. That means the sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally on the user’s device, and the data is only accessible to the users who’ve been given access.