LastPass Teams offers extensive reporting geared at helping you safeguard your data and build compliance, including user activity and security reports. Whether you need to share these reports with an executive or just want the peace of mind that you can tie specific events to specific people, these reports are there to help you keep an eye on your team’s activity and maintain accountability.



Types of Teams Reports

User activity reports allow you to see every login, password/username update, form fill attempted, shared folder activity — all taken by your LastPass Teams users. The complete list of activity available for reports includes:

Master Password Changed
Iterations Changed
History Cleared
Username Changed
Master Password Reverted
Restored from Backup
Password Changed
Form Filled
Data Export
Data Import
Move to Shared Folder
Move from Shared Folder
Data Printed
Disabled YubiKey
Disabled Google Authenticator
Disabled Multifactor
Disabled Grid
Failed Login Attempt
SAML Login
Created LastPass Account
Multifactor Enabled
Login Verification Email Sent
Disabled Toopher
Deleted Sites
Sites Added
Site Deleted
Created Shared Folder
Rename Shared Folder
Deleted Shared Folder
Undeleted Shared Folder
Purged Shared Folder
Add to Shared Folder

Security reports allow you to see how secure your Teams’ users are, including their master password strength, reused passwords, and overall password strength.

All reports can easily be sorted by event type, user, and time, and each report can be exported a .csv file by clicking the … icon in the top right and selecting Export report.