Why use LastPass Teams

LastPass Teams is the safe, simple way to manage passwords for your team. In a busy workplace with multiple teams working on many projects at once, it’s easy to become bogged down by logistics, but passwords shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re running your own company or leading a team within a larger organization, LastPass Teams is built for users like you, so you can be confident in solving your team’s password problems.

For Small Businesses

    • The simple dashboard makes it easy to add and remove team members, giving them all the access they need in just a few clicks.
    • Allow team members to focus on more important things than resetting and sharing passwords.
    • Save wasted time and money by not having to focus on costly repetitive resets.
    • Protect your company’s information better with secure vaults and two-factor authentication.

For Project Managers

    • No time-consuming setup; simply add team members via their email and they have an account.
    • Easily create reports on login activity, security levels, and more for stakeholders.
    • Designate shared folders based on team role, function or location, such as Marketing, Finance, Boston office, Wichita office, etc.

For Marketing & Agency Teams

  • Easily share the right logins with the right people so no one has more access than they need.
  • Avoid the hidden costs of a delay in solving for password fatigue.
  • Access to all your passwords, whether you’re in the office, visiting a client, or working from home.
  • Simple enough to manage without being an IT expert or even needing one to help with setup.
  • Protect your team’s work and client information with simple, accessible security.

How to Make Teams a Success

LastPass Teams makes it easier to get work done, making your team more productive, happy, and ultimately successful. Try some of these ideas to make your adoption of Teams a success.

Educate the team – You chose LastPass Teams for a reason, but your team members may not see the value right away. Setup time as a team, or individually (based on the size of your team) to talk about the problems that passwords present, from the time wasted every time a password needs to be reset to security benefits of keeping company information in a safe vault.

Schedule a demo – Don’t simply send out an invitation and expect team members to get started on their own. Order lunch and bring everyone together for a demo of how LastPass works. Show them how to create an account, download the extension and import passwords they already have, and more. Be human about it and share advice from your own getting started experience. It might be helpful to write down questions and advice that you can use for new team members that join at a later date.

Run contests to increase usage – 

  • Reward Early Adopters – Incentivize the first X% of your team to activate their account. For example, give a T-shirt to the first 3 who activate their account, store a password, and create a secure note.
  • Hardwire It! – Consider pre-loading user vaults with passwords they need to do their work. When they see that it’s set up for them and LastPass starts filling their passwords automatically, they’ll instantly see the value of the service.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Pre-load team member vaults with sites and notes that have trivia answers hidden in them. Hand out the trivia questions and let users know the answers are in LastPass. The first X number of users to find the answers get a reward.